BlenderLink is our blender control system to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired slurry mix for your frac job. It manages all blender-related data in real time and provides historical data for all post-job analytics. BlenderLink also includes system wide monitoring, alarm management and configuration of any vehicle from a centralized location. With its responsive control both locally and remotely, you can quickly achieve specified concentrations and improve job efficiency.

In local control, the operator uses a local touch-screen display to manipulate each of the control parameters. In remote mode, the blender is controlled by screens centrally located in the data van. In auto mode, the system controls the desired parameters through the use of PID control loops. All proppant augers, liquid adds and dry adds are available through both manual and auto control.    

BlenderLink enables:

  • Responsive tub leveling with automated suction pump PID control
  • Densitometer calibration support for Vega, ThermoFisher and Berthold densitometers
  • Ability to capture, filter, display, log, report and reset engine and transmission diagnostic trouble codes
  • Automatic setting of the auger speed to match the flow rate once the concentration setpoint is entered into the system