Another AMI smart technology to easily manage chemical concentrations in up to up to 11 pumps, ChemLink is a control system from a truck or a data van using DVCommand.  All chemical operations can be automated, as specified on the frac schedule entered in the data van, or switched to manual operation on the ChemLink control unit.  It monitors input and outputs for the following:  suction rate, turbine or magnetic flow meter (frequency input); hydraulic pressure; up to 11 chemical add rates; and transfer.

Like all of our controls, ChemLink is plug-and-play. Once connected to FracCommand's proprietary TCP/IP network, ChemLink controls are automatically recognized providing easy setup on the job site.  

ChemLink features volume totalizers and the fluid rate can either be acquired from a sensor or entered manually. It can capture diagnostic trouble codes from the engine and transmission, as well as provide a serial output data stream.